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Learn colours video

Learn all the colours (or colors if you are American) of the rainbow with Steam Punkie, master inventor. Learning for very young children that’s just a little bit different!

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Steam Punkie’s website

Steam Punkie now has his own website which can be viewed here. The latest feature is the addition of steam punk events near you! (hopefully)

Steam Punkie mugs, prints and clothes

Steam Punkie now has some things to buy at Society6! Do contact me if you would like to see Steam Punkie on another product. Click here to visit my society6 shop. When you buy a product, it is produced using only the highest quality materials, and is shipped to you on behalf of the artist. …

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Steam Punkie’s ABC

I’m very pleased to announce the latest Steam Punkie book is now available for sale on Amazon. Fed up of A is for apple? Then this alternative alphabet book might be a refreshing change. Steam Punkie goes on an alphabetical adventure encountering an alien attack on the way. Luckily, he has invented a number of …

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Steam Punkie gets side-tracked

Steam Punkie has his first adventure. The book is now available for sale on Amazon. Steam Punkie has to deliver a parcel, but gets side-tracked after tinkering with his inventions and somehow ends up visiting an alien planet! Steampunk embraces Victorian industry and invention using all manner of fantasy or found objects like vacuum and …

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