Etsy Terms


Once your payment has cleared – an email will be sent to your Etsy registered email address notifying you that your files are ready to download. Please go to your purchases and download the files using the download button in Etsy.



You can use my digital downloads in all PERSONAL creative projects that are not business-related, so long as they are not sold or profited from, and so long as our product files are not distributed to others.

Standard License Agreement:
By purchasing and downloading any of our products, you accept the terms of the following license agreement:

Purchasing one of our products grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, individual license for personal use of that particular product under the following terms and conditions:

• The standard license does not include mass production rights (200+ productions of the same piece of merchandise using one of my designs); you will need to contact me for an extended license tailored to your business if you wish to mass produce merchandise with my products.

You may not claim the product or designs within as your own.

You may not resell our products or designs as DIGITAL: “printable” paper, collage sheets, clipart, or as part of any scrapbooking kit—modified or unmodified; you may not sell them as part of a supply or resource for other graphic designers, such as textures, layer styles, brushes or patterns—modified or unmodified. You may not sell them as part of any product on any print on demand (POD) service such as, but not limited to, Zazzle or CafePress—modified or unmodified.

You may not resell my designs as-is or in a superficially altered state; significant modifications of your own must be made to sell goods containing my designs. Otherwise, this means our designs should be incorporated into your own product as a supporting element that makes up less than 50% of the final design before being sold. Color changes or hue shifts alone are not enough to comply with this rule.

You may not make this product or its files available to others through redistributing or repackaging it as a part of any clipart pack, scrapbooking kit, freebie, texture, brush set, layer style, or collection of these things that can be accessed by others, whether physically or digitally, for free or for profit. This includes no resale as physical  and no uploading product files to the unrestricted internet.

You may not commercially use this product in conjunction with other copyrighted work unless you also have a license to use that work. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, popular cartoon characters or video game imagery.

If selling digital goods containing our products, our files must not remain on separate layers where they may be extracted as-is by customers, and should be flattened, merged and otherwise joined with your own work before sale. This means if you sell digital files that include templates of any kind, you cannot leave my designs on a separate layer.

• You MAY use our products in your own personal creations as modified by the above terms. This includes physical and digital: scrapbooking, invitations, greeting cards, brochures, flyers, websites, banners, business cards, in printed media, branding, advertising, logos, packaging, in or on customized and personalized goods, as designs on or in tangible and digital goods for sale, and so on.

• If in doubt about whether a specific commercial use complies with my policies, send me a message on Etsy. Generally, if you are putting your own work, creativity and/or effort into the new merchandise you are creating with my products, it could be okay; on the other hand, if you are simply printing my designs exactly as you bought them onto something and adding/changing nothing else, it may not be acceptable and you may need to purchase a special license from me for the use to be allowed. It’s best to check in these cases.

• If you breach the terms of this policy, I may revoke your right to use my products commercially, at my sole discretion.

• In the event these license terms differ from older versions found in the readme.txt file contained in your downloads, these terms always take priority and supersede those terms.

Charlie Anne Turner retains all copyrights to our original designs and files. No ownership of intellectual property is sold or transferred from me.