Phonics Books

MY FIRST ABC. This charming picture word book is the ideal way to introduce very young children to the letter shapes of the alphabet. This book is ideal for pre-readers and children learning to read and write.Readers of every age will delight in the whimsical detail. Click here to view My First ABC book at Amazon.

MY FIRST PHONICS. This delightful picture word book introduces young children to the 44 speech sounds, or phonemes, that make up the English language. This book is divided into three sections – consonants, short vowels and long vowels. Each page depicts one speech sound accompanied by a colourful illustration. More advanced children can copy the word taught on each page.
Click here to view My First Phonics book at Amazon.

MY SECOND PHONICS. Synthetic phonics is a method of teaching reading which first teaches the letter sounds. These sounds are then blended together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words. My Second Phonics Book illustrates simple words using the most common spelling sound and the alternative spellings for the same sound. The child is encouraged to write the letter shapes alongside learning the letter(s) sound. Click here to view My Second Phonics book at Amazon.

PHONICS-SHORT ‘O’. Practice the short o sound with this charmingly illustrated book created for pre-schoolers and children who are learning to read and write. This book employs numerous games, stories, word search, multiple choice and rhymes. All designed to engage your child in learning from a word pool of 39 short ‘o’ words. There are also 3 home activities with full instructions for you to play with your child. Click here to view Short ‘O’ book at Amazon.