What I Do

Drop me a line with a short brief telling me what you would like and a budget if you have one.

I’ll ask you for any more information I need in order to give you a price.
If you’re happy with the cost, I’ll email/ skype/ dropbox an initial design to you.

We will talk over any amendments you would like and then I will send you a second draft. We will go back and forth with the design until you’re happy with the result.

It’s reasonable to expect illustrators to charge extra fees for work above and beyond the original brief, but of course, I’ll discuss this with you first.

I will supply the completed work in the digital format you prefer. This could be jpeg, gif, tiff, swf, psd, eps, quicktime etc.

Location isn’t generally an issue as I work through email, skype, dropbox etc which means I have worked with clients all over the world.

Contact me here.

A quick word about copyright. Copyright always remains with the artists unless it is specifically sold.

During my career I have produced illustrations for Advertising, Marketing, Brochures, Children’s Books & Magazines and Greeting Cards. Animations for ecards, banners, adverts and mobile devices. Graphic design for websites, logos, corporate identity and many more!
Artwork is created digitally, to suit your individual requirements. I work tightly to a brief, and can produce work quickly and efficiently to fit your budget.

£30 from        Small (spot) illustration. Depending on detail.

£50 & £75       Website banner, static or animated.

£120                 Ebook cover

£150                 Print and ebook cover

£75                   Ready made cover. Custom designed with your text

£399                 WordPress website. Includes branding and logo

£50 from         Flash animations

£499                 1 minute ecard. Music is extra

£300 from       Youtube video